Kings of Theist is a brand line born from the Tanium Apparel Universe, which includes many preconceived lines, most notably the Queens of Theist.

'Theist' in this scenario is not from the dictionary; it's cultural, urban and from the continent. The original use of the word was as an adjective to describe someone with a 'particular appetite' for the alluring, embodied in the human form. This evolved to a catch-all to describe someone as 'theisty' who, in the proper context, meant....well, let's just say you liked the nicer things in life. We elevate that at KOT to an understanding that it owns a lifestyle, and we give the Kings and Queens of that movement the clothing to empower them to own it and the world within which it exists!

Anyone can be a King of Theist. OWN YOUR WORLD.....and don't get KOT slippin'